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Our Quality
Level Application
Compound wall, Security cabin, labour quarter, Garden curbing, footpath curbing, Flooring, Industries Security Wall, Bungalows Landscaping, Plots Boundaries, School Playground, Temporary Offices for building construction, Interior for Offices as Office Partitions and Cabins, Water Parks, Hotels and resorts etc.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of pre-cast readymade concrete compound and high quality solid and hollow blocks.
Benefits of Using Ready Made Compound Wall
  • Quality assured by structural engineers
  • Cost-effective
  • Fastest Installation
  • Re-Installable
  • Economical Compared to Conventional Products
  • Ready in a Single Day
  • No labour needed
  • Easily erected
  • Less Space is Required7.
  • Plastering not required
  • We can shift the wall easily from one place to another
  • More essential than bricks wall
  • We can Decorate it in different shape and colours
  • Space saving – JUST 1½” thick – Equally Strong.

Made By
  • Vertical concrete poll[collum],
  • Horizontal panel
  • Providing and fixing rcc prefabricated compound wall with poll[collum] and precast panels
  • The top panel have half round corrugation.
  • Wall filling with cement concrete in proper alignment,

  • It can be moved at any time and any place. ( Movable)
  • We can install it faster than our ordinary/brick’s wall.
  • It is utilized less space than bricks’ wall.
  • It has better outlook.
  • It has better durability.
  • It is fully RCC wall with Steel.
  • Economy compared to conventional products.
  • Various designs.
  • Aesthetic