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Trilok RCC Shops
Trilok RCC Shops
Trilok RCC Shops
  • The movable portable shop has been made of cement and concrete in one piece having 4 inch width.
  • The shop is made using the advanced technology for iron concrete mix made out of modern hydraulic machines.
  • TMT bars of high quality are used to give strength for long time.
  • Made from M-25 grade concrete.
  • Shutter and window are made from modern aluminum section.
  • Shop is complete with electric fitting and tiles.
Structural Design
Window - 4× 3 feet

Door - 2.9 × 6 feet

Breath – 7.3 feet
Length – 11 feet

Height – 9 feet

Weight – 10 Ton
This portable shop can used as
  • Grocery Shop
  • Dairy
  • Hair salon
  • Tailor shop
  • Snack Bar
  • Telephone Booth
  • Small Temporary and Permanent Office
  • Site office
  • Mini Store Room
  • Pan Shop
  • Mobile Repairing shop
  • Small Mobile Show Room
  • The chance of theft becomes less.
  • There is no possibility of pest